”artist at work”


My mother is a Russian ballet dancer who left Moscow, my father is a fisherman from Katwijk a small town at the coast of the North Sea in the Netherlands. I was born there in a dream world, with reality in walking distance.

Leendert Vooijce, interdisciplinary performance artist and writer.

Leendert’s position is next to you, opposite from you, or with you within the restrictions of language and understanding. So the work playfully tilts reality, to create a space for the alternative. Throughout the process life itself is a guideline in a performative way, for this continuous research of ”understanding”, whereas the artistic choice always comes first. Reacting to daily events and personal life experiences, Leendert’s work is simultaneously hyper personal and social engaged.

The layered ideas are set out in a clear visual language, which relates itself to beauty in a direct manner, whereas questioning beauty is also a part of the work. In a precise mastery of language with an instinctive and poetic approach Leendert has an authentic way in writing, a sensitivity which also recurs in the other works.

Leendert adopts a interdisciplinary approach working across performance, photography, video, installation, and different forms of writing: poetry, short stories, essays and columns. This to design the outcome of researching ”understanding”.  Which acts as common ground and is presented as one practice.

Graduated in 2017 from the Beeld&Taal|Image&Language
department at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam.
Leendert has been exhibiting works in the public space
from an early stage. Besides the desire to escape the academic
bubble, it is part of the research to get to know the public and
reactions, ”the other”.
Leendert’s work has been shown at institutions such as:
Showroom MAMA Rotterdam and Stedelijk Museum –
Amsterdam. Performances at for example Theater Festival
deParade, het Dichtersbal. Published by OPZIJ and OutMedia,
and in 2017 published the poetry bundle ”aan de mannelijkheid”.
With that Leendert works in various ways with Adelheid&Zina,
a amsterdam based multidisciplinary theatregroup, and is
”visual speaking” within the company.